NIN Discography: Halo 11

The Perfect Drug

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Track Listing:
  • 1. Meat Beat Manifesto (7:39)
  • 2. Plug (6:59)
  • 3. Nine Inch Nails (8:25)
  • 4. Spacetime Continuum (5:48)
  • 5. The Orb (6:17)
Total Length= 34 minutes, 30 seconds

package by gary talpas

(CD) Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records 1997 U.S, INTDM-95007

Release Date: May 13, 1997

Note: The German import version of this cd had the exact same tracks, except tacked on to the end of the CD was the "long" version of The Perfect Drug. This was the release from the Lost Highway soundtrack with about 25 extra seconds to it.

The promo is exactly the same as the official release, except it has a "for promotional use only" stamp.