NIN Discography: Halo 12


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Track Listing:
Tape One: Live Performance Compilation (serial #: INTV2-90157-1) 74:06 min.
  • Terrible Lie (Live)
  • Piggy (Live)
  • Down in it (Live)
  • The Downward Spiral (Live)
  • March of the Pigs (Live)
  • The Only Time (Live)
  • Wish (Live)
  • Hurt (Live w/ David Bowie)
  • Something I can Never Have (Live)
Tape Two: NIN video compilation (serial #: INTV2-90157-2) 60:15 min.

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executive producer: john a. malm, jr nothing records, inc.

this project was made possible through the efforts of:
jeff anderson
gretchen anderson
steve berman
jennifer carpenter
diane mayer
brian pollack
ross rosen
dawn zillich
sioux zimmerman

package by gary talpas
all paintings by russell mills
photography by andrew morris

(2 VHS Videos) Nothing/Interscope 1997 U.S, INTV2-90157

(VHS Re-release) Nothing/Interscope 1997 U.S, VM-6734

Release Date: November 25, 1997

Note: The first tape contains footage from various tours including TDS material, also mixed in are some backstage shots of the band getting ready, talking with David Bowie, and other things.

The second tape is a compilation of the official nine inch nails video releases, with seemless integration of miscellaneous odd clips by Peter Christopherson of Coil. Very cool.