January 11th, 2001

sara (left) and jenny (right)

Sara and her friend Jenny were driving to a dance on Saturday, January 6, 2001. They hit a patch of black ice and lost control. An oncoming vehicle hit the smaller car and Sara was instantly killed. Jenny was also very badly hurt and was rushed to the hospital with a broken hip. Sara left this world with a loving family and many friends - this page is for all of them.

To the people that don't know Sara or never had the chance to meet her, Sara always was a very happy and selfless person. Even if she was having a problem, or just in a bad mood, Sara would help others with THEIR problems instead. She never expected anything out of whomever she was helping. Sara was a good friend; funny, intelligent, down to earth and caring. She loved her family and friends very much, and had a strength of character unique for a person her age.

Jenny I've known since I was a little kid. She used to live behind my house in town and we used to jump on trampolines (much to the dismay of my mother). Our thoughts and prayers are with Jenny as well.

If you would like to leave something for Sara, please e-mail me (al @ this domain name). I have to disable the posting function due to spam.

From Al
     We will never forget you Sara, never.
From himman
     hey i heard what happened to Sara, i dont know her, but her and her family and freinds are in my prayers
From Joe (Phalanx)
     Although I didn't know Sara personally, I have felt the pain and anguish of those around me, and I have felt very poignantly the results of the death of a person so loved. I can speak for many of the people I know when I say that she will be missed. Her death will remain unexplainable, especially to those of those without the benefit of religion to provide at least some of those desperatly needed answers. To those with a religious background, please hold Sara and Jenny in your prayers. For the rest of us, simply think back on the memories of her, with a glad heart to have shared at least those. To Sara- We'll miss you
From ashley
     as time passes people will see what she had carrying so free.... just something i thought of. it not a qoute from anything but my mind. i don't know her, but i wish the friends and family luck in remembering all that she had good in her, and that will never go away...
From jamie
     i'm sorry this has happened to you people. its hard to lose someone close to you. i would never want it. sara will be in my prayers.
From Brian, Chris and Nick
     Sara and Jenny, Debbie and David and all of Sara's friends and relatives, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sara touched many lives as evidenced by all who were able to attend her funeral service. The readings and songs were very special. Please remember Sara and all of your special times together with her, she'll be with you when you do.
From chris
     my condolences to family and friends.
From nocternalsunrize
     I didn't know Sara, but I'm sure she was a lovely girl, and my love goes out to her friends & family... I pray she is in a better place, and that she knows we all care...
From lindsay
     i wasn't the best of friends with sara, but i'm praying for her, jenny, and both their families and friends. and to sara: we'll miss you dearly.
From Adrian
     When you lose someone it hurts but you keep them in your heart and hope to see them.My prayers are for her family
From Jewel Messick
From damion
     i lost a cousin in a car accident, but i won't leave a selfish post like that last person.... i just wanna say that I know the pain saras family and friends are going through, and i pray they make it thru alright and remember that youl see her again someday...
From Anonymous
     RIP Sara, you've given us great memories.
From Joshua McKenzie
     Sara was a wonderful and fun person, and I'm thankful for the times I spent getting to know her. She grew on us all as quickly as she was taken from us all. But now she's even happier in heaven than she was while talking and giggling with all of us. It's hard for us all to forget and to remember, but it's comforting to look forward to seeing her and laughing with her again. "There's a time to live and a time to die; a time to mourn and a time to rejoice." Let us rejoice that Sara lived with us. We've all grieved that she's died, but let us rejoice again knowing that she knew Jesus Christ and lives with him now and forever to meet us there that have accepted Him as their savior as Sara once did.
From sarah dye(352-429-8965)
     i was once in a car accident. i was in the hospital for 3 months because of so many complications. because of a stupid mistake on my part,it cost my best friend's little sister her life. i am sorry to all the people who were hurt by the accident of sara.my condolances to her and her family. **love never dies**
From James
     Do not weep for the departed, for they shall return. And if they do not return, then they have achieved Nirvana, and so are in paradise. Love, and all shall go right. Happiness is gained only from inner peace. Sara, from your words, seems to have had it. Rejoice in having known her.
From Johanna Cable
     wel hi this is johanna cable. i was with her and jenny at dinner before the crash. Well what can i say Sara looked gorgeous adn she def. was. That day i had gone over there and we got ready together. It was one of those days when we talked abtou everything. It was great at dinner with my date alex bontz. marshall watry with tina treader, jason kontsin with jenny and sara with geoff kasmarski... well it was sos much fun. sara was the life of the party that night... lol on the way in she slipped but nobody saw execpt jenny and when we all met up there they wer laughing so hard then sara jstu blurted out i didnt fall jenny did. it may nto sound funny but i guess as soon as she fell she popped up .. it must haev ben halarious! On our way out they waitress told us to drive careful. and we did. When we saw the flames form our rear view mirror we new instantly and we all started crying. Probably the worst thing that has ever happened was seeng them together in the car. Well i dont mean to freak anyone out! i miss her alot and i always will. I cant say enough how differently im' living my life now from that. God has his plan and it was suppose to happen like that.I hope you all know she was very happy and beautiful that night,,, she always was.
From Ben
     Hello, this is Ben Ravely.....I was the busser at the White Stag that night....She called me over to ask what was good and i told her to get the Filet, but as allways she had allready made up her mind....she got the chicken!Exelent choice!Well it was wounderful to see her one last time!I'll miss her a lot..But i'm sure we will all see her agin some time!Miss you and i hope you know we all love you...!
From . . .the wretched fool
     the long, hard climb up finally, i've waited so long to the whole world i will look and say farewell it may be hard to get into heaven but it's a lot harder to survive in hell . . . i'm sure Sara is in a lot better place . . .my regards to everyone who knew her
From YuourForgottenGod(Adam)
     i never met you but it seems that you have afect meny in a way that we all wish we could and if theres a heaven i hope your there now
From Walter
     I know the feeling of losing someone that cared so much about others and didn't deserve what happens mysympathy is here!
From Cher 101
     My sympathies to Sara's family and friends. There's always a candle to rid the darkness.
From Michael "Anaconda" B├Ąck
     I know how it feels to loose a friend, and I think you guys did a great job in this tribune.
From Jordan Raths
     Sara you and I will be together one day in heaven I love you and you and I had such fun times joking around and talking about how crazy grandmas were......remeber "excuse me grandmama" I will never forget how you did that you always made me smile and we laughed together I will see you someday.
From Anthony
     You did a good thing, i think she would be very happy with this. I've lost people too, i feel you pain
From Bob Vallone
     I am Sara's Godfather. I didn't have an opportunity to see her very much, but her father and I spoke about her often. Sara will never be forgotten.
From Sarah Hall
     Hi, I am the sister of Marshall Watry, and I wanted you to know that, the night of the accident, the world fell apart....not just for him, but for everyone whos lives you touched. you meant the world to so many people, that it was almost unreal...rest in peace sara, u are never without thought in our minds...you will forever be a part of us, like footprints in our hearts..we love you, as your graduating class leaves for college this year, they take a little bit of you along with them, and they know you will be watching over them.
From tim belliveau
     i miss you sara.
From Anonymous
     Sara always made me laugh, I had alot of fun with her the time i knew her. That night was tragic, but i know she is happy in heaven, and i can't wait to see her there someday. I miss you Sara
From Anonymous
     I knew who Sara was, but I didn't really KNOW her. She was a lot older than me at the time of her death. I knew some of her relatives, though. Sara, her friends, and her family are in my prayers.
From brandon
     Sara we miss you
From Pam Klekamp
     Sara without an h......how deeply we miss you! I see your smile in Taylor, your kindness in Tyke, your wit in Chloe, your love in your father. My most cherished memories are those of just the 2 of us.....going to the mall together (we know that was difficult for your Dad to do!) and movies. And those precious nights when I would paint and you would IM your friends. We'd sit in silence and then you'd giggle and fill me in on what all your friends were up to back in Rhinelander. Then you'd see what I was painting and give me your creative ideas.....just you and I in cozy comfort. Thank you for all you have given me you dear, dear child. It cannot be expressed or measured in words! Until we see you again, your father and I will treasure the glimpses of you that are reflected in your brother and sisters! Remembering Sara with love, Your Texas Mom, Pam
From Taylor Klekamp
     Hi. Sara was my sister, and now that I'm writing this, I can't think of what to say. I guess I'll improvise...well, for one thing, I wish I had seen you more. I'm glad that I got to see you for Christmas before the accident though...I didn't know you too well. I loved you, but I hardly saw you, and I probably annoyed the heck out of you...I cried a lot. Sometimes I think about you and just go for a walk...sometimes I still cry. I moved to a new house. It's bigger, and theres a lot of land. I got a horse too. Her name is Cheyenne. I guess you already know this though. We all miss you. We made a video in honor of you. It has clips of video tape of you when you were little, and pictures, and that time when I peed in the bath tub when we were both taking a bath. Sorry about that....but I guess whoever has taken the time to find this site, and read this message loves you a lot. 3 Taylor
From Al
     Still thinking of you Sara.
From Bontz
     I will never forget that night. Sara was an awsome girl from al the years i knew her. God bless u and ur family and Jenny and everyone that was with us that night
From Frank Johnson
     Good Service
From Steven Cole
     You have a lot of great people on your site.
From Tor
     Tor loves Sara.
From Chloe Klekamp
     Hi Sara was my sister her family loves her she was and is a great sister we never forget January 6, 2001. She never was mean and loved us a lot. We loved it when ever she was with us we diden't wan't her to leave. When ever i found out she passed was when i got home from Aunt Nancy's house. Everyone was sitting in the living room waiting for me to get home to tell me this terrible information. I was 4 years old i did not think they were telling the truth. They told me the story and by seeing there faces i slowly found out that they weren't kidding. It was so hard we love you so much it was hard not seeing you after that just thinking of that crash scares me. WE LOVE YOU SARA! 1-25-08
From Jamie
     I heard what happened to Sara and her family misses her very very dearley and if they could change anything it might be what happened to Sara
From Chelsea
     soory Chloe, Mrs.K, Molly, Jack, LuLu
From Chloe Klekamp
     i go to this website a lot just to see the wonderful things people have been sending to you we love you and you have missed out on a lot we used to not have any animals now we have 14! i wish you were here! Love Chloe 6-22-08
From tyke klekamp
     Sara is my oldest sister l don't remember that much about her but she was the nicest person i have ever known i miss her so much, love Tyke
From tyke klekamp
     dear Sara l still remember when you would visit us and i would tie a towel around my neck and pretend to be batman i think that is the reason i like batman so much 'til this day is because whenever i think of batman i think of me pretending to be batman with you. i actually have a picture on my wall of me and you and i had a towel tied around my neck, i love you so much,tyke
From Mom of Sara
     Dave has just started hanging out with your brother again. I told him how you made this beautiful website for his sister. He didn't know. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you did this. Sara has disappeared except for here. What a kind and caring young man you are. thank you
From Heather Cleland
     I had the most amazing dream with Sara in it last night. I know she is doing amazing where ever that silly girl is. We all love her and miss her. I'm so sorry for your loss. 9/27/08