NIN Discography: Halo 8

The Downward Spiral

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Track Listing: Total Length= 65 minutes, 10 seconds

writing, arrangement and performance: trent reznor
management: john a. malm jr. for conservative
assistance: chris vrenna, maise
additional engineering: sean beavan, chris vrenna, alan moulder, bill kennedy, brian pollack, john aguto
additional sampling and sound design: chris vrenna
studios: le pig of beverly hills, the record plant, a&m studios
continuity: trent reznor, chris vrenna, charlie clouser
mastering: tom baker at futuredisc
all paintings: russel mills
photography: david buckland
package: gary talpas

publicity: sioux zimmerman for formula
booking: gerry gerrard for artists & audience
merchandise: jerry long
road management: mark o'shea
live audio engineering & coordination: sean beavan
lighting/set design: jan pieter nipius, roy bennett
live production management: kevin lyman, ray woodbury
legal: michael s. toorock
nothing records: tony ciulla
adrian belew appears courtesy of caroline records inc.
nine inch nails live: robin finck, danny lohner, chris vrenna, james woolley
thank you: interscope; jimmy iovine; silvia garcia; susie tallman; peter christopherson; rick rubin; missy worth; brian warner and marilyn manson; brian liesegang; the temporarily displaced richard bugg; coco-puff; scott hasson; mark tindle, mike morongell, shelly yakus and a&m; cally, jamie spencer, marc marot, chris blackwell and island uk; paul connolly; alex kochan; ian flocks; mark blasquez, sean wilhelmsen and nadine's; opcode systems; pat stolpz, martin arthurs and amek; joseph cuttice; handy andy; marina chavez; walter cessna; tina montalbano; carol davis

we miss you jeff ward

(CD) Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records 1994 U.S, 7-95938-2

(Limited Release LP) Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records 1994 U.S, PR 5509

(CD) Nothing/TVT/Interscope Records 1994 U.S, 92346-2 *

(SACD and DVD-Audio) Interscope Records 2004, b0003762-82 (DVD-Audio) b0003739-36 (SACD)

Release Date: March 8, 1994

10 year anniversary release: November 23, 2004

Note: *=Releases of The Downward Spiral with this catalogue number have different versions of "hurt." On this version, "hurt" starts 19 seconds into the track.

The limited edition LP had only 3000 copies released.