NIN Discography: Halo 5


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Track Listing: Total Length=31 minutes, 40 seconds

All songs written, performed and produced by Trent Reznor except 2,3 and 6 produced by Flood and Trent Reznor

Assistants: Brian Liesegang, Sean Beavan, Chris Vrenna

Additional Engineers, etc. along the way: Paul Kendall, the Kill Bennedy, Leo Herrara, John (genghis) Aguto, Mike Baumgartner, Martin Brumbach, Trevor Bum-cleaver Sadler

Extra Real Drums on 2 and 6: Martin Atkins, Chris Vrenna

Barks and roars: Maise

Recorded at: Hell (New Orleans), Royal Recorders (Lake Geneva), South Beach Studios (Miami Beach), Village Recorder (Los Angeles), A&M (Los Angeles), Pig (Beverly Hills)

Artwork: Gary Talpas for Black Sun

(CD EP) TVT/Interscope Records 1992 U.S, 7-92213-2

(CD EP) TVT/Interscope Records 1992 U.S, INTD-92213 *

(Cassette) TVT/Interscope Records 1992 U.S, 7-92213-4

(12" Record) TVT/Interscope Records 1992 U.S, DMD 1903 **

Release Date: September 22, 1992

Note: The 12" Promo has no bridge between songs, Side A=5,7,8; Side B=2,3,6. The Cassette version has the bonus tracks on Side B. The Promo CD EP has only the 6 main tracks and no identification number. The regular vinyl is a single sided, 6 track, 12" record, with a 7" record containing the bonus tracks.

Broken was released in three ways: a) Limited edition: with the 6 main songs on the EP, and a Mini CD with the two bonus songs. b) A single with 99 tracks, tracks 7-97 are 1 seconds of silence each with 98 and 99 as the bonus songs. c) As a single with only 8 tracks.

* - this is the re-release of Broken
** - also available as a white label promo