Nov 27 2009

Update: Filled out the pages in the discography (album and song) to be current with "The Slip" release. Will probably work on lyrics next, then finish discography. I get that there is no point, due to Wikipedia. But whatever, this site has been alive for 11 years now so why not keep it on life support?

July 20 2007

Videos: Thanks to Youtube, there will be a video link section for all of Nine Inch Nail's videos. For right now, check out Closure's discography page...or just click these. I'm not going to add Beside You In Time content, because you can easily buy it.
The NIN Discography is Half Done!: I've come out of hiding and finished up to Closure in the Discography. Check it out.

The Lyrics section is missing Year Zero! - It will be added soon

The background section will be completed after the discography, and will include past and present tours, band members, and short biographies (mainly for Trent Reznor).

Stay tuned...this place *will* be finished some day...

If you wish to browse the old NIN content, please go to Layer of Frost and click on the "Nine Inch Nails (old)" link. After this new site is finalized, all the old, erroneous content will be archived and removed from the website.