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Welcome friends and foes to the exclusive Robocop vs. the Terminator Walthrough! I know many of you have been awaiting this very thing to come from your favorite internet site on the planet, so without further ado...on to the walkthrough!

Part 4. Try Not to Fall Down Holes

It seems that even though Robocop is a futuristic anti-criminal machine made out of anti-20mm assault weapon armor, he is still weak against falls through bottomless pits. That's right, you heard me correctly, BOTTOMLESS pits. Pits that have NO bottom! I know, I know, hard to believe, but it's a dangerous world we live in!

One of the best ways not to get damaged from falling down holes is to try not to fall down the hole. I repeat, DO NOT ---


Son of a BITCH. Bah, damn holes. Sorry. Anyway, as I was saying, try not to eat things that glow...too much.

Part 5. Meeting Flo

Flo has been wandering around out in the wilderness for quite some time now and is raring to butt heads with the man who supposedly destroys the world in the even-more-future. It is Robocop's job to find Flo and make sweet robot love to her as to let her see he is really a nice guy. The best way to find Flo is to shoot the window out of her car and blow the car up.

After you have taken her car out, Flo will get out and flirt her latex outfit around at you, WHILE POINTING A GUN AT YOUR FEET! This is not a threat! I repeat, do not shoot her! This is a section of the game where, in order to make sweet robot love to Flo, you must impress her in some way.

As you can see here, I took the "Ha-Du-Ken" Street Fighter 2 uppercut stance, gun waving madly in the sky, it worked dad gummit. I dropped her angry demeanor towards me AND avoided falling in another hole. This is what I like to call, "Master Gamer."

Flo was a worthy adversary, but she will make sweet robot love with you now, and tell you a nice story.

Part 6. The Morning After

When I first started this game, I never thought it would get so adult and mature in content, but nontheless, the review HAD to be done, so I sat through the hardcore, 45 minute, robot/human sex scene and got to the ending.

After the three quarters of an hour love making session Flo decides to tell you an intimate story.

"Robocop," Flo says, "I must tell you this."

"I'm listening." Replies the metallic officer of the law.

"There was a Terminator in my car, he was bad."

"Drop it wench! There is no excuse for you wanting to butt heads. Prime directive 2 states..."

"But Robo, hun! I love you now! I love love love you!"

"...and in the event of..." *At this, Flo leaves crying* "Anyway, I find your story hard to believe."

Then, the screen fades out and the usual Nintendo credits of 76 different Japanese guys scroll.

Part 7. Conclusion

You know, oddly enough, the only mention of the Terminator in this game was on the title screen and Flo's unbelievable story. Hmm. Oh well, it was still an EXCELLENT game, and I hope this walkthrough helps you through this mentally challenging game of wits, brains, and sweet robot love.

The End

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