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Welcome friends and foes to the exclusive Robocop vs. the Terminator Walthrough! I know many of you have been awaiting this very thing to come from your favorite internet site on the planet, so without further ado...on to the walkthrough!

Part 1. The Story

In the future an evil artificial intelligence turns against humanity and creates an army of almost indestructible soldiers...the Terminators. A lone warrior meant to fight against millions, Flo of the human resistance, tries to find out some information about the cause of Skynet.

As Flo is searching through the information from her super into the past looking machine she finds out who was responsible for the terrible destruction...


So already this game is scaring the shit out of me...ROBOCOP made SKYNET into a KILLING MACHINE! But Robocop is good? Or so we thought?

Part 2. The Beginning

Robocop starts off on a, haven't seen that in a Super Nintendo game ever,, back to the beginning! Robocop is on a street...and this street is full of gun toting thugs and hookers. Did I mention they respawn? YEAH, they're THAT dangerous!

Probably the most dangerous of enemies on the streets are the exploding trash cans. As you can see to the right, Robocop is incredibly succeptible to C-4 and used condom impregnated tin cans. Make sure you watch out for these buggers, our walking robot/man of titanium could be taken out!

If you notice towards the very middle of the screen is a floating RoboCop head. Don't be scared little one, this is an extra life! If you find one of Robo-Cop's misplaced craniums and step over it, it will melt into your shoe with a really cool special effect then shoot out felt tipped pens in jubilation.

After wading your way through a tangle of slow bullets and a web of prostitution, RoboCop will be informed via the Detroit City Police- Defensive Early Warning Detection: Security Against Crime and Kangeroos (DCP-DEWD:SACK) that one of the most dangerous fictional killing machines against humans, the ED-209, is somewhere in the city. Luckily, Robocop is in the area, so he heads out to hunt down and destroy the ED, and take his gun.

Part 3. Defeating ED-209

To get to ED-209 you have to walk another dangerous street, this time though, flying wheels and burning gears spit out from windows and try to run you over. If you search the level carefully you can find a nude picture of Anna Kornikova according to the game designers, I never found it.

7 Steps to making ED dead:

Step 1- Take your rocket launcher from your leg.
Step 2- Turn to face ED-209
Step 3- Depress the fire button on your controller.
Step 4- Pray to God you don't get run into.
Step 5- Grab a Coke.
Step 6- Win!
Step 7- Step away from the gaming console and go to the bathroom immediately. Success over ED-209 in the game Robocop vs. the Terminator has been known to cause involuntary bowel movements and/or urinary dysfunction.

See, it wasn't so bad. ED-209 might have a 20mm autocannon on each arm and an impregnable type of armor, but a few shots from your handheld rocket launcher will make it beg for mercy...or explode into many pieces.

The adventure progresses into a dangerous half-finished skyscraper of here, here, and here to continue.

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