Reno does Deutschland

(a really long time)
A trip to Germany...a plane ride costing more than $1500...World's Fairs...Beer

forget this, go back


artists rendition of chicago
coming home after a party at 3 am with one picture left

i had to start out the roll of film. i thought i did it wrong when i heard a grinding noise. this was the outcome. (reno not included)

this is what happens when your picture ticker on your camera says "23" and you come home dr- er...i mean, tired from a german party. notice how long my tounge is ladies, think about that one! (reno included)


being here only a week, steffen, julius, tim and roberto invited me to a party. heh heh heh... (reno not included)

yeah, basically the same, except this was AFTER the party so it seemed so much nicer. notice in the picture it says the wrong date, that's because i let tim play with the camera, bad idea. (reno not included)

extremely amateur porn
a neat castle turret thing

here is some amateur porn i created during the afore mentioned party. i thought they were naked, really, i did. that's fransisca on the left and tim on the right. (reno not included)

i didn't take this picture, one of my friends did. that explains why it's GOOD. (reno not included)

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