Reno does Deutschland

(a really long time)
A trip to Germany...a plane ride costing more than $1500...World's Fairs...Beer
brought to you by:, Warsteiner, and some miscellaneous monkies somewhere.

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EXPO & North Sea

a boat
a canadian gun display

here is the amazing start of the chronicles of doing deutschland. including (but not limited to) forced group pictures, boats, and brits who don't know how to take pictures. (reno not included)

what's worse than gun racks? buildings made out of old guns. this is canada's "gun house" at EXPO. there was a minor "incident" when one of the french tourists mistook the "gun house" for a bathroom, the "gun house" quickly consumed him and excreted gooey paste. (reno not included)

com to lyfe two tausend mon!
crazy canadian sculpture, or madonna?

these guys were really crazy, holy shit. first, some of these guys were stoned, i could tell. second, they had fire dancers. third, they played funk. it was cool. (reno not included)

no one at EXPO knew what the hell these were. i concluded that it must be the canadian's way of saying "madonna was really screwed up." who knows, maybe it's abstract land art or something. (reno not included)

forced group shot num. 2
uh oh! the mexicans!

well well, here's the egypt area. we went as a group and had one of the girls beg with a guy to let us in in front of everyone else, and while staring at her boobs, he opened the door. here is a picture by one of the robed egyptian ladies, complete with being off-centered and obscuring me in the background. (reno included)


-insert witty beach pun here-
son of a...

hey look, it's me standing in front of waves on a really cold day. notice how when the person took this picture they decided to focus more on the sand and water than on the man who gave them the camera. (reno included)

here is a shot i took, trying to get the feel of the whole desolate wasteland motif. this is just half-way down the walkway to get to the beach. dark picture, crappy scanner. (reno not included)

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