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*NEW* Neutomic Keyboard Interview
Caption Man.
State of the Universe
All Your Bush...
Date Reno!
Reno's Horrible Childhood
HATE mail
Valentine's Day 2001
Valentine's Day Hell

No Consequence Life
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Robocop vs. Terminator
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Layeroffrost.com Features

Eat this!

Reno exhumes himself from the grave, and returns to bring you Reductionist Identity Theory and to talk about the R-relatedness which quantifies and explains normal survival, and why teletransportation isn't...wait. Oh, I'm actually interviewing a band! Much better I think!

The Neutomic Keyboard Interview of the ages for all time in eternity!

It's tired, it's easy, and by golly, if it's valid it has to have a superhero who promotes it (You know, like Superman promotes radiation, etc.). Caption MAN will feed the world his deranged take on the multiverse that is caption quotes. Prepare to suffer hooo-man!

Caption MAN! 1 4/10/2002

How is the integrity of the universe? Is all we do on Earth truthfully fruitless to the more advanced multitude of self efficient sphere aliens? A manditory State of the Universe address has been announced, and you will view it, now hooo-mon.

State of the Universe: Number 1

The sporatic Reno venting.

All Your Bush are Belong To Us

The Reno saga, parts one and two. The date request, and the sub-conscious last chance plea for a woman counterpart (through bad-childhood-whining-ness).

Date Reno!

Reno's horrible childhood.

Every internet site on the planet must surely get hate mail, yes? Or is it just some random occurance that only THE BEST sites on the internet get hate mail? Well, discluding layeroffrost.com from your list of good sites, thus instantly going against my previous sarcasm and therefore instantly granting layeroffrost.com gets hate mail...we got (hate) MAIL!

HATE mail!

There comes a time in everyone's life when they think they are funny. Our period was from September of 2000 to October of that same year, and well, we thought it to be nice to give EVERYONE the chance to be an idiot. So...we gave you MADlibs!


Love, ahh, love. I say there is no better thing than love in this world, except for very, very dirty jungle sex with a 6 foot tall amazon woman who measures 36c-24-36 and who follows my every command. Otherwise, for all you love-ites, here are some Valentines Day articles to...well, make you RETHINK your lovey plans.

Valentines Day 2001 - Reno

Valentines Day HELL - Phalanx

Some people think I am God, others think that Allah is God. I think that God is God, but some people think I believe Nine Inch Nails is God, well, just to clear up who I really think God is, I made a "NIN is God" fanpage. This page is totally serious mind you, NIN IZ GOD!

Required "NIN is God" Fanpage

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Super Atomic, Semi-Dirty Monkey Launcher: A new interview with the band NEUTOMIC KEYBOARD is up on the features page!
Take an amazing journey through a life that could or could not have any consequences. No Consequence Life is the adventure for YOU!
Dwayne hasn't really submitted anything new in a while, what the hell is wrong with him? Voice your complaints!
Phalanx and Maverick both got some pretty weird Birthday Presents, but layeroffrost.com assures you, they ARE funny...at least, what WE think is funny...

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