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Layer of Frost - Exclusive Neutomic Keyboard Interview

Praise be to the Great Composer! (not to be confused with the Great Sausage, that is in my pants)

Never said it betterCommentary by Reno

From the BOWELS of the internet, Reno of layeroffrost.com resurfaces to bring you an interview with the experimental pioneers of a new age in music, Neutomic Keyboard!

Representing the band, founder Brother Caine and new drummer Father Francis expound on the concept and sound of their new album "Night Soil."

For more information relating to the band, check out Neutomic Keyboard's Official Website.

Reno: Hey, thanks for letting me do this interview.

Brother Caine: Ah yes, no problem, the pleasure is ours.

Father Francis: Agreed.

Reno: Alrighty then. You are here promoting your upcoming album, Night Soil. Before we begin, do you have anything you would like to tell me about the album?

BC: Indeed! This album is our latest (as if you could not tell that), and is going in a very different, and more musical direction than our previous efforts. It is also the first album to include what we call: "Biological Drums".

FF: That's me.

Reno: Hah, so you, Father Francis, will be providing actual live drums for this album?

FF: Yes, as well as other percussion instruments. We've decided to take the percussion in a unique direction, by not using traditional playing methods.

BC: In other words, Father Francis here, shall not be hitting the heads of the drums, but rather the rims and shells, giving an... Ethnic quality to the music. It is all part of our grand plan for this album. See, instead of conventional playing on any instrument, we are going to redefine, so to say, the musical wheel. Instead of six string guitar, I will be using the four string guitar. Also known as the bass guitar. We want this album to have an "earthy" feel.

Reno: Is that part of the name Night Soil?

BC: Not exactly. Night Soil is a reference to feces of the human strain. Back in the old days, sanitary workers had to gather, for lack of a better word, shit. They gathered this shit from people's homes during the night, hence the term: Night Soil. Anyway, we're trying to keep things low, like the supposed "brown sound". Deep and gutteral.

Reno: Very interesting. Before we go deeper into this subject, how about you tell me a little about Father Francis, he is new to the band as I understand it.

BC: Father Francis, do your thing.

FF: Well, my musical backround is primarily in Rock, Orchestra, and Jazz drumming. So I am very familiar with improvisation, which helps me in the take on Experimental music that Neutomic Keyboard has. As for how I got into this amazing band, that is another story completely. Brother Caine here, recruited me to the cause when the need for a live drummer arose in mid-August of this year. We ended up clicking rather well while rehersing the songs that the band wanted to play live, so they proposed that I stay on as an official member. Naturally, I declined. That is why I am sitting here today.

BC: We always were a dramatic band...

Reno: *laughs*, so what is the energy like in this new form of Neutomic Keyboard?

BC: Explosive. The sound is completely different and wholly better than our previous work. It's rather hard to interact with a drum machine when you are making imporvisational music. Having a living, breathing, drummer makes things so much more smooth.

Reno: You said earlier that the album is a departure from your previous style, care to elaborate?

BC: Well, our improvisational roots are very much alive and growing with this album, but the main differences are live drums, and more musical variation with less noise. Taking away our electronic aspects (other than the beloved holy keyboard) has made us into a new entity. A new vessel. We have also improved our recording methods for an improved sound. Almost as if we are not recording live (which I assure you, we are).

FF: The new songs have a more acoustic feel, less boxed in. It is very transcendental. Which I think really helps the creative forces behind this band.

Reno: So will the message of "The Great Composer" still be spread?

BC: Of course, it is the essence of what we do, but, it does not come out as religious music. Music is the religion afterall, so we have no need to preach within it. It is solid musical goodness, take from it what you will.

Reno: Any further plans for the band?

BC: The Night Soil film shall be created sometime in the near future, with the album providing the musical score. It shall be delicious.

FF: Extremely.

Reno: What will the film be about?

BC: Night Soil.

FF: Blood.

BC: The Human Race.

FF: Plague.

BC: Zombies.

FF: No more spoilers.

Reno: So I can't know the plot ahead of time?

BC: You are correct.

Reno: Well, will there be vocals on this album?

FF: Yes, there will be. The band members will be featured. Maybe you will hear some familiar voices.

BC: I must mention that the vocals of this album, will not be like our previous efforts. The "Lollypop Guild" has not been involved in the creative process this time.

Reno: Cool. What about live performance? Will there be a tour to promote the album?

BC: Most definitely. As for the dates and locations, not even we know, since the album isn't out yet.

FF: Just one thing to point out, is it not ironic that we have formed a holy trinity of musicians?

BC: Ironic, no. A sign? Perhaps...

Reno: Well, my limited mental abilities are unable to generate any further questions, so if you would like to say anything before we end this interview, please do so now. The mall santas are glaring at me...

FF: I would like to officially say that I am very pleased to be an official member of Neutomic Keyboard. It is an oppritunity that I am so glad came my way.

BC: And I would like to officially say that Neutomic Keyboard is very pleased that Father Francis is an official member. That, and we are going to rock you. Thank you.

(ed: PS, pictures taken from the Neutomic Keyboard website. Now they are mine!!)

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