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Caption MAN!

Everyone else does it, why can't I do it worse?

Never said it betterCommentary by Reno

You've seen this crap in Maxim, or seanbaby.com, or basically in any way shape or form on any type of medium. Well, it's time for someone to reinvent the norm and post something completely stupid, just the job for CAPTION MAN!

Number 1) In reference to the Jewish or Muslim soldiers in the picture to the left: "Who else is sad that it is not legal to be sad in our army?" "Me...sigh" "Ha, I arrest you! Bitch"

Number 2) In reference to the lesbians (shit, female basketball players): "Yay! We won the championship by a hair! Or many hairs!"

Number 2 appendix A) In reference to the reference of the last caption (emulating a bad translation of a foreign comedy site): "These are what we won by! Good thing I didn't shave tomorrow!"

Number 3) In reference to the Arabian man wearing a Santa Claus hat: "Excuse me, could you try to be slightly more politically correct Mr. Abdullah?" "Sure thing! I am now Santa, infidel."

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