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Math and Monkies

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an intercepted transcript of conversation between two bored people in a math class

Guy 1: Orange
There was a monkey
Guy 2: Bass fishing is for birds with long beaks.
Golfing is for men with fat asses and funny pants.
Guy 1: Man who farts in church sits in own pew.
Guy 2: Girls who wear too much makeup are whores.
Guy 1: Mario is my savior, I think he's Jesus' secret brother. "Jesus and Mario, the God-io brothers."
Guy 2: Yeah...but he's like the runt that never did anything and he's trying to make up for it now by kicking Bowser's ass in the name of God.
Guy 1: God gave him the power to munch on 'shrooms and grow all big and shit though. All Jesus could do was like, make wine and save everyone's soul.
Guy 2: And feed 8,000 people with 1 mangy piece of bread.
Guy 1: Yeah, but Mario was a plumber, Jesus was unemployed wasn't he?
Guy 2: Carpenter + Savior of Man (is that a job, or a hobby?)
I had a plumber once. He was an asshole. Stuck his bare hand in the toilet, ripped out the turd, and ate it. Plus, carpenters make good tables.
Guy 1: Yeah, but Mario make one-a spicy-a meat-a-ball-a!
Guy 2: You're a moron.
Guy 1: This stuff in class is easy as shit, or your mom.

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