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oh no! it seems no one is safe from random 13 year olds with napolean syndrome. here is an actual transcript from just 15 minutes of chat at, plus some insiteful comments by me (reno).

participants: -=hatemachine=-, jona, froggirl, reno, cutiebabe69, hardcock4u, sweetgrrl12, HaXx0r69, and some miscellaneous AFK on, but beware!

Reno: *staggers into room clutching a monkey and babbling nonsense* hey room.
-=hatemachine=-: well, it was because she goddamm cheeted on me. be more senstisive... ( interesting way to greet someone -ed)
froggirl: HEY RENO!!! *likz, hugz* (nice intentions, but ein bi▀chen behindert -ed)
hardcock4u: are you going to come, hahaha (the typical 43 year old, homosexual pedofile. here, refering to my inclusion of "monkey" in my opening statement -ed)
sweetgrrl12: hey, im just tellin u ta get over it. if ya dont lik emy advice, lemme alone.
-=hatemachine=-: fine, i will leav you alone, inssensitve bitch....
Reno: hey froggirl, let me guess, someone wants to kill themself, and people are cybering a lot. i miss the old days...where people had REAL sex...sigh...
hardcock4u: ill have sex with u and ur monkey, hahaha (i don't do butt sex -monkey)
sweetgrrl12: scru u hatemchine, your probly just some imature little punk wh onever had a gurlfriend. (what's this? a correct statement in a chatroom? -ed)
froggirl: YEAH, thats all anyone does reno, bt its fun! *jumpz on reno*
Reno: softdick, why don't you go have ass-sex somewhere else, none of us want it.

frog, stop it okay? anyway, the girls in my area are hairy, sucks big time.

sweetgrrl12: im not harry reno, where you from? asl?
Reno: i'm glad you aren't harry, otherwise that would defeat the "sweetgrrl" purpose of your name? -2/m/germany
froggirl: *i suck*

dammit, its doin that thing with saying *i suck* when you type l-o-l ('s chats have an interesting function, when you try to type in "laugh out loud" as "lol" it prints it as *i suck.* makes people feel stupid, me likey! -ed)

sweetgrrl12: fuk u reno, or shuld i say JANET RENO! HAHAHA!
hardcock4u: hmm...i dont much like women, but hey, janet renos a man isnt it? (sigh, maybe i should have picked a better nickname, like "hardpenis4all" or something -ed)
Reno: ugh...morons in the room...
jona: hey reno, sorry gotta go. (jona has left the chat)
Reno: no problem, cya (translated: so? -monkey) (yeah, that's about right -ed)
-=hatemachine=-: i'm not a moron, i'm actually quite intelligent and mature, i just feel life is pointless...
Reno: HAHA! Moron number 3! Hey hatemachine? You listen to nin?

froggirl: type in IoI, it looks like l-o-l. :) (hardcock4u has left the chat)

-=hatemachine=-: of course i do man, got pretty hate machine and theyre new 1. trent resnor has so much in common with my lif....all the betrayle the pain...
Reno: HAHA! you little poser, I bet you just started listening to nin. and anyway, trent doesn'T write how worthless life is, dumbass. (I do admit, I AM an asshole to morons -ed)
sweetgrrl12: yeah, like heer is a song

the beautifful people, the beauttiful people. its all relative too the size of your steaple" thats not depressing

froggirl: *lickz reno* thankz hun! IoI!
Reno: that's not nin either, that's marilyn manson :) (what I didn't say in chat was how I fell out of my chair laughing and hit my head on the corner of my desk -ed)
-=hatemachine=-: fuck you reno, i bet you only know the song closer, fag.
Reno: it was a good song, I admit. well, you be the judge. go to my website and tell me if i am a fan or not. :) (uh oh...shameless promotion -monkey) (hey, stop that! -ed)
HaXx0r69: i juzt hakked ur site dude. nice filez, haha!
Reno: why hello,, welcome to oh wait, is that a java crash i'm sending? it is!
HaXx0r69: dud, im on a lan at schul, u cant breke our firewa- (HaXx0r69 was dropped) (it's so easy to crash this chat room, you just have to overflow it with text, then bye-bye -ed)
cutiebabe69: you jerk! that waz my online boyfriend you kickcd!
Reno: oh, i'm sorry, queen sukurb'lls, he was a moron, he got kicked
-=hatemachine=-: faggot!



faggot! (-=hatemachine=- was dropped)

Reno: *plunk* the world rid another moron... (I do my duty to society by crashing a spammer, good thing he didn't figure out how to click on "reconnect" -ed)
sweetgrrl12: dis hella sukz, im leving. reno, ur an assholle. bye room
froggirl: back offa reno! he'z mine! *jumpz on reno*
Reno: uh...yeah. *plink* (sweetgrrl12 has left the chat) whoa, eerie timing.
spark admin: Reno, please stop abusing the chat system. Further exploitations of bugs will result in an IP ban. -thespark (there's nothing like a threat from a chat-bot, especially one so...i don't know, i forgot what I was talking about -ed) (moron -monkey) (hey! this is your last warning... -ed)
Reno: bah, poop on you. i'm leaving anyway, the room is dead.
froggirl: buya hunz! *petz reno*
Reno: cya. (Reno has left the chat) (Now here is where I digress about my psychological findings in chat persons. It all starts at a young age, being harassed by bullies, corrective lenses, skin pore defects, then it blooms into a full-fledged complex. These young boys and girls seem to feel the need to-- Reno, please, cease your useless attempts at destroying me and let me finish my work!-- Ah, yes, where were we...Napolean Complex! Correct! So these young children attempt to mimic the actions of a person many years their elder. While this could have good reprecussions, most executions of this common "nerd" reaction result in "hAxX0r"s and "sweetgrrl"s, thus, ruining slightly more mature chat person's experiences and forcing them into exiting the program. Now, in order to --RENO! For the love of Sh'kklath the Monkey God of Intelligence! Stop biting my ears! -- So, in conclusion [was I leading to the conclusion? damn Reno and his interruptions!] more oral consumption of leaded paints and fecal matter can help prevent genetic uniformity in low-complexity plant cells. -monkey)

O follower of Sh'kklath, the Monkey God of Intelligence, return to thy humble start!

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