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Here's the facts people, these things are all products of boredom that we've run across. Be it sitting in class with nothing to do, internet forums or chat rooms, parties, it's all here.

One thing you have to realize is that this page might get racey, not because I make it that way (why would I do THAT?) but because I don't believe in changing anything I encounter. BE WARNED! This stuff is funny, but some of the humor might be done with swearing and name calling. Most of this material is NOT MADE BY ME, it's the people who write it that should get the credit, flames, government contacts, etc. Sometimes I'll be on here, sometimes I won't, but trust me, this is only funny if you take it tounge in cheek.

(disclaimer: by clicking on any of these links, you are certifying that Reno or are not responsible for these posts, and that the people involved were too bored to know better. this site is not prim and proper okay? so don't go off on me about the word "f*ck" in there or anything else. you don't need to click on any of these sites, and if you are offended easily, DO NOT GO HERE! plain and simple people.)

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