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Sailor Maverick! (subtitle: birthday a go go)

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What Phalanx didn't know was that he too had to become Sumo in order to help out Maverick. He went up to the magical, wise frog who said, "You. You no Sumo can be. This match must be fair. But you. You are radio man. Radio man get HAT!" And like that, Phalanx was changed from his young and babylike self into a big non-Sumo Hat wearing guy.

"Man, I got jipped" Phalanx told Maverick.

"Sorry man, I thought you'd get to be some neat Sumo guy, but now you're just a guy with a hat."

"And a small mask!"

"Oh yeah! Nevermind! You got the best deal!"
phalanx version 2.0 Let it begin!

Maverick! Reno!

It started a close match, Maverick had the longer experience in wanting to be Sumo so he put some crazy crushing and squeezing moves on Reno, but the tides soon changed when Reno said "Monkey!" really loud and got Maverick off balance.

Phalanx was walking around trying to pick up females with his hat and mask.

Reno was panting, "Ah! Sailor Maverick! Stronger than I estimated! But now I stop playing! Now you die!"

Maverick launched a lunch at Reno, which Reno quickly shrugged off with a mighty gulp of eating power. Maverick was in trouble now! His last projectile was eaten by the other young Sumo!

Phalanx was running away from a large female German weightlifter that he called a man.
maverick You will be destroyed! I have curlier hair than you!
I have eaten your sandwich of a varying degree of danger! You are finished! reno

Maverick looked at the frog, "I do this, for master Frog!" And launched his body in it's entirety at Reno. Reno was caught off guard and knocked out of the ring.

"Fool!" Reno shouted, "You have dared defeat me! I come again for you! Next time, winner is me!" And Reno disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Phalanx was hiding in a crate of Sumo Sailor costumes, trying desperately not to let the weightlifter find him.

Shortly after the amazing Sumo adventure, Maverick, Reno and Phalanx returned to normal. It was safe to go in your garage to pick up soda again...except, Maverick left his E-Mail address lying around. So don't mail him or anything!

Happy Birthday Steve!

(and get something up on the site! haha)

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