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first day

It was another cold day in the town, a gentle frost covered the sidewalk. A layer of frost it was. Anyway, Maverick got out of his bed and decided to take a stroll over to the garage to get some mountain dew. He silently opened the door and found what he wanted, but there was also a frayed flyer under the garage door. Ahh! The Jehovah's Witnesses! Maverick thought, but he picked it up anyway.

"Sailor Moon Sumo Training and Exhibition Day," Maverick read out loud. Maverick had always wanted to be a sumo wrestler, and he wasn't doing anything today since "he couldn't get the right program" to "update" Vermischt or something else so he decided, what the hell?

He arrived at the door to be greeted by two very fat asian men wearing cute sailor costumes. They merely said "Hello. You skinny. Go in. Eat up." And Maverick went into the locker room. Inside, more than 30 fat men and boys alike were finishing touches up on their make-up.

"Come, skinny one. You become Sumo too!" A wise looking frog with a beard said to him, and with a wave of his hands, Maverick was Sumo! Sumo Moon!

maverick (left) reno (right)

Not to be outdone by doing something really weird, Reno decided to become a Sumo Sailor Man.

"Ha! You not update site! Now you die! I challenge you to a duel!" Reno taunted, moving his mouth at different times than his words came out.

"You dare challenge Sailor Maverick? Ho ho ho ho! I accept!" Maverick replied, with his hands on his now bulbous hips, letting out a hearty laughter with head tossed back.

"Tomorrow at noon. Tomorrow, then you die! Ho ho ho ho!" Reno chuckled, and then left the room.

"Oh wise Sumo Frog. Will I be able to defeat Reno, and earn respect for our humble Sumo Sailor League?" Maverick asked the wise from.

The frog scrunched up his eyes and spewed out an answer, "Sailorhoppa, you must find the center of your being before the center of your being is found."

Maverick looked at the frog with a screwed up look on his face, "What?"

"The moons are on your side, but you must be on the side of the moon."


mu ha ha ha!

Before the big day arrived, Maverick had to get some things ready. He called Phalanx on the phone.

"Who the hell is this? If I find out I'll-"

"It's Maverick"

"...oh. Anything new going on?"

"Well, Reno and I are having a duel tomorrow, and I need your help."

"Hey, I won't let you shoot Reno with MY guns, go buy some yourself. Other than that, what do you need?"

"No no no! It's a Sumo duel! I need you to report live on it for the radio station!"

"...oh. Sure, why not, but wait a second...I thought you were too skinny for Sumo...and Reno is too?"

"Phalanx, good friend, that is why we have talking amphibians to grant us instant fatness."

"...oh. Okay, see you tomorrow."


The stage was set...Maverick and Reno were in the ring...only one could be the winner!

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