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Frustrated with the lack of intelligence in radio listeners, Phalanx devoted his time to making odd genetic creations. One of these evil beasts was the ORIGINAL mini version of a human, mini-phalanx. Just to let you know, Phalanx created this well before doctor evil did...anyway, so Phalanx and his weiner sharing friend would compete even more on internet games as a dynamic duo of death.

Sadly, after Figaro (Phalanx's cat) found that mini-Phalanx had a weiner, Figaro consumed mini-Phalanx. Oh well, there is always room for the non-existence of a thing that might not have existed anyway.

Shortly after Figaro consumed mini-Phalanx, Reno released some multiplayer levels in a half life modification that he forced Phalanx to try. Never would Phalanx's life be the same again, as he found the most clever way to thwart death in a multiplayer half-life map, a BUG!

Phalanx hides in a wall!

Phalanx: "Hey Al, I found a bug, hehe" Reno: "No you didn't, this map is flawless." Phalanx: "No, seriously, try to find me!"
Phalanx: "Can't find me yet huh?" Reno: "...I'll find you, I'll find you good!" Phalanx: "muhahahaha!"
Phalanx: "..." Reno: "..." Phalanx: "Okay, I jumped down one of the windows, it's cool here."
Phalanx: "Hello?" Reno: "..." Phalanx: "Man, this is freaky...I dunno what is...."
Phalanx: "AGGGGHHH!"

the conclusion!

Now that the world was safe from buggy maps, Phalanx, Maverick, and Reno decided, "Hey, we should end this right now!" And so Reno did. Now, email Phalanx and give him some dirty porn so his girlfriend sees it! mu ha ha ha!

Happy Birthday Joe!

har har har!

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