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Computer Recording and Sequencing:
[2x] Macintosh 9600/350mHz 128Mb RAM running System 8.1
[5x] 9Gig Removable Seagate Cheetas
[2x] ProTools Mix Core card
[4x] ProTools DSP Farm card
[4x] 888 24 I/O
[2x] Emagic Logic Audio Platinum 3.x     "Hands down superior and yeah, we tried a bunch" TS

Synths / Samplers / Other Sound generating machines and devices:
[2x] Propellerheads ReBirth 2.0     "Still fun, kinda like spaceinvaders" TS
[1x] Qasimidi, Rave'O'lution 309
[1x] Qasimidi, Sirius     "Fave" SK
[2x] NordLead2 (rack)
[1x] Nord Modular (key)     " 3.0 is out now, it even runs on a Mac..." TS
[1x] Jomox X-Base
[2x] Jomox Air-Base     "Hell Yeah!" TS
[3x] Akai S3000XL     "Sascha made me buy on of these..." TS
[1x] Kurtzweil 2000rs     "I still love this box" TS
[1x] Futuretro 777     "Fave" SK
[1x] Roland TR-808
[1x] Roland TR-909
[1x] Roland SH-101     "Another mainstay" SK
[1x] Doepfer MS-404
[1x] Access Virus (rack)
[1x] EMU Audity 2000     "oh well..." SK
[1x] Korg Z-1
[1x] Korg Electribe ER-1     "Cool toy" SK
[1x] Korg Monopoly
[1x] Sequential Pro-1
[1x] Emax II     "In use since ' 84" SK
[1x] Ibanez RG270 Guitar
[1x] Roland GR-707 Guitar     "Fetish" TS
[2x] Roland G-77 Bass     "and more fetish" TS
[1x] Fender Jazz Bass     "a bass is a bass" TS

Sound Processors:
[1x] Sherman Filter Bank
[1x] Peavey Filter     "still does some fun stuff" TS
[1x] Art MP-1     "guitars & bass > mp-1 > computer" TS
[1x] Lexicon PCM-80
[1x] Lexicon PCM-60
[1x] Lexicon PCM 42
[1x] Lexicon MPX-100     "inexpensive but very handy" TS
[1x] TC Electronics Fireworx     "some nice strange shit + AES in/out" TS
[1x] Manley Voxbox
[1x] Manley Variable-MU     "Indispensable" SK
[1x] Tubeworks Distortion
[1x] Boss SE-70 Effects     "noisy quick fix" TS
[1x] Digitech Whammy Pedal     "he, he, he..." TS

Monitors / Mixers / Midi Interface:
[1pair] Genelec 1032
[1pair] Mackie HR824     "floor demo, cheap and scratched" TS
[1x] Mackie 24x8
[1x] Mackie 1604vlz
[1x] Mackie 1604     "time for something new..." TS
[1x] Neumann U-47 Microphone     "The best on all 3 of us..." SK
[1x] Opcode Studio 4     "still good" TS
[1x] Opcode Studio 64XTC     "not so very good" TS
[1x] Emagic Unitor8 Interface     "the one and only - unsurpassable" SK

A couple of CD burners and a few External SCSI drives, a few sample CD's and an old Hi-Hat,
some microcassette recorders and a few stomp boxes (one being the "death metal pedal", hahaha.)
Bias Peak and a bunch of Share/Free ware, a PowerTool and a PII-300 box running W98.

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