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Record ID: SONY/COLUMBIA #67248

Release: November 7, 1995

1. Grind
2. Brush Away
3. Sludge Factory
4. Heaven Beside You
5. Headcreeps
6. Again
7. Shame In You
8. God Am
9. So Close
10. Nothin' Song
11. Frogs
12. Over Now

Also known by fans as the famous "Tripod" album (for the three legged dog, and also for it being the third album), Alice in Chains' self titled "reunion" CD was damn excellent. Layne Staley had some problems again with his heroin addiction before the CD came out, giving justice (somewhat) to the reunion status of the album.

Another smash hit album, debuting at number one on the billboards and going double platinum, "Tripod" proved to the world once again that Alice in Chains was the most prolific band of the 1990's. From the, well, grinding pace of the first track "Grind" to the acoustic "Heaven Beside You" to the heavy metal of "Again" to the absolutely amazing sound of "Frogs" to...well, you get the picture. This album is definitely one of the finest crafted CD's available for purchase.

Stricken earlier in the year with the near disaster problems of their primary lead singer (interesting phrase, no?) Alice in Chains, and Layne Staley, rebounded back to produce a great album and once again reinforce their positions as rock's greatest band of the 90's. Not much more can be said about the album, it's just excellent.

Currently (January 29, 2001) this is Alice in Chain's last full length album featuring all-new material. It's still widely available, and is essential for the Alice in Chains fan, rocker, grunge rocker, heavy metal-uh-ist, and just about everyone else. A great CD by a great band.

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