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Record ID: SONY/COLUMBIA #67059

Release: Uncertain, the Original was released sometime in 1992, but newer copies were released in March of 1995.

Track Listing

1. Brother
2. Got Me Wrong
3. Right Turn
4. Am I Inside

The shortest EP from Alice in Chains, featuring acoustic guitars, and some excellent, excellent lyrics. Also included on the disc was a secret fifth track, that itself wasn't too bad.

Even though it was a short album, the moody lyrics and guitar to tunes like "Got Me Wrong" soon made this a very popular CD to pick up. Sap is currently at Gold Status.

Sap could be considered a more "Seattle" CD, as it features other seattle grunge rockers such as Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Mark Arm (MudHoney), and Anne Wilson (Heart).

This CD was in it's best iteration being distributed with the wonderful Jar of Flies EP, otherwise it can still be picked up for around 11 dollars.

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