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Record ID: SONY/COLUMBIA #63649

Release: June 29, 1999

Track Listing

1. Get Born Again
2. We Die Young (demo)
3. Man in the Box
4. Them Bones
5. Iron Gland (untitled track from Dirt)
6. Angry Chair
7. Down in a Hole
8. Rooster (live)
9. Got Me Wrong (live)
10. No Excuses
11. I Stay Away
12. What the Hell Have I (from the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack)
13. Grind
14. Again
15. Would?

Alice in Chains' second compilation album brought, yet again, Alice in Chain's best hits together onto one album, but this time included some tasty goodies. Two live versions of "Rooster" and "Got me Wrong," and the demo version of "We Die Young."

This compact disc was quite literally a best of, but a best of yet another huge compilation that was soon to come. The Music Bank boxed set contains 4 CD's full of rare and unreleased Alice in Chains material, plus some other miscellaneous treats. Nothing Safe: Best of the Box was able to stand by itself though, as it offers a more concise version of the Music Bank box set.

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