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Record ID: SONY/COLUMBIA #57628

Release: January 5th, 1994

Track Listing

1. Rotten Apple
2. Nutshell
3. I Stay Away
4. No Excuses
5. Whale and Wasp
6. Don't Follow
7. Swing on This

The most critically acclaimed EP of all time, Jar of Flies, was the ONLY and FIRST EP ever to debut the Billboard charts at spot number one. Certified double platinum, it's safe to say this is also Alice in Chains' most famous EP.

Almost completely acoustic this time around, Jar of Flies makes sure to give everyone a beautifully played and sang, bittersweet album to listen to. And it was only recorded in seven days. That's right, one of the best EP's of all time was recorded in just seven days.

Jar of Flies showed Alice in Chains to be one of the most flexible bands of the 90's. Partly due to the fact that Jerry Cantrell is a guitarist's god, this album was picked up rapidly by fan and not fan alike, and surprised the hell out of people who thought Alice in Chains could only play grunge.

My personal favorite of all the Alice in Chains albums, with hits such as "I Stay Away" and "No Excuses," I always find myself playing "Nutshell" over and over...a great CD to start off to Alice in Chains with, and an excellent CD for fans.

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