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Record ID: SONY/COLUMBIA #52475

Release: September 29, 1992

Track Listing

1. Them Bones
2. Dam That River
3. Rain When I Die
4. Down In a Hole
5. Sickman
6. Rooster
7. Junkhead
8. Dirt
9. God Smack
10. Untitled (later found on "Nothing Safe: Best of the Box" as "Iron Gland")
11. Hate to Feel
12. Angry Chair
13. Would?

The second full length album released by Alice in Chains is probably it's most famous. Off of just one CD, FIVE singles were shot off to the radio, with such hits as "Rooster," "Would?" "Angry Chair," "Down in a Hole," and "Them Bones."

This album focused much on Layne Staley's battle with a heroin addiction, and tried to show the more dark sides of drug dependance to the listeners of the grunge scene. "Rooster" was based off of Jerry Cantrell's father's time in Vietnam, and the video was rejected by MTV for having "too realistic" scenes of Vietnam.

Along with Nirvana, this CD set the tone for the 1990's grunge/heavy metal scene, and proved that even Grunge could be good. Contrasting to Kurt Cobain's flat screaming, Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell's double tracked lead vocals provide a beautiful harmonic experience.

Definitely a great CD to pick up, this is Alice in Chain's hardest album of all, so if you're more into heavy metal than grunge/rock, this is the album for you.

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