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The Eros of Frigid Beauty

Written by John Prassas 2000/2001
Recorded, mixed 2000/2001
Released - 2001
Originally released under The Root of All Evil label

Track Listing

1. Lysander
2. Devotion
3. In My Holy Time
4. The Eros of Frigid Beauty
5. The Minstrell Song
6. Overture
7. Lysander II


An amazing sophomore release, "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" displays a small but important change of style for the darkwave/metal/classical band Aesma Daeva. Replacing Rebecca Cords' vocals are none other but THREE new vocalists; Melissa Ferlaak contributing to tracks three and four; Adena Brumer singing for tracks two, three, four, and seven; Sara Williamson taking the rest with tracks one and six. While their styles vary, the effect is always the same, continuing the tradition of haunting vocals woven into the excellent multitalented instrumentation, providing powerful harmonies and wonderful melodies.

Opening the album with powerful trumpets and deadly guitar riffs "Lysander" continues with the rhythmic ups and downs of which I've become very fond of. "Devotion" perpetuates the intense mood of the CD with driving guitars and piercing vocals, which leads into the much quieter "In My Holy Time"...but the pace quickens about midway through the song, dropping off into a beautiful meld of guitars, drums, and voice. "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" and "Overture" range in style between fast and hard, slow and soft, and that amazing balance achieved in between. "The Minstrell Song" sounds unique with it's pulsing keyboard opening, the vocals meshing well to create a very ear pleasing harmony. "Lysander II" is what I call the "classic metal" song, fast, jarring, melodic, and very cool, I have no problem putting that one on repeat for a while.

If I had to decide which Aesma Daeva album was my favorite, I'd be hard pressed to find an answer. In all objectivity, "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" is a much more refined album than "Here Lies One, Whose Name Is Written In Water," with the first album containing much more synthesized sounds and a more consistent vocal performance. "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" is overall very solid musically, great sounding and well played, offering a much deeper sound than Aesma Daeva's first album.

Aesma Daeva certainly shows no signs of slowing down in either musical talent or creativity, "The Eros of Frigid Beauty" confirms their first album's amazing sound was not a fluke. With plans to release a new album sometime soon after the time of this writing (April 2003), I definitely look forward to Aesma Daeva's next offering, and I think you should to!

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